As a variation on a theme, I’ve also started to explore how to show ‘blunt’ using the crayons. I don’t want to submit 2 images that have such a similar subject for Assignment 1, so I’m still looking at what to include and what to leave out. I have a couple of variations on my Flickr

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Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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4 Responses to blunt

  1. Bruce Gill says:

    Hi Matt! I like your images!
    “Blunt” is a difficult one…. I cant think of anything at the moment.
    Not sure if these are meant to have a blue cast over them or not? I like it my self! Have you lit these or is it natural light?
    I’ve had problems before using lights and it was the “light balance” settings on the camera. really made a difference.
    Hope you dont mind my comments! would appreciate yours when I get started…..


  2. Bruce Gill says:

    Hi Matt. try taking them as RAW images if you can. you can then change the white balance after taking the shot!



  3. mattdavenport says:

    Cheers Bruce,
    Luckily I’d taken them in raw so I just had to tweak the colour temp. Hopefully it looks much more natural now 🙂


  4. Bruce Gill says:

    Glad it helped Matt! Here’s my email address drop me an email mate! I cant figure out where’s best to reply to each others comments?
    I’ve posted a reply to your comment on my blog…


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