Nice weather for ducks…and rowers!

, originally uploaded by digital-eye.

I woke up this morning with good intentions to take some photos for the first few projects, but the weather outside was terrible. Raining with a cloudy, grey sky. I live very close to the River Tees, which was swamped with drenched rowers racing along. I took a few shots to practice panning with the camera but I felt I could produce better pictures if it was brighter.
Instead, I decided to battle my way past the Christmas shoppers to buy ‘Masters of Photography’ by Reuel Golden. Although I love everything that’s photography it occurred to me, while watching X Factor last night (!), that I don’t know many famous photographers. So hopefully this book will be a starting point to make me more cultured…hehe!


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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