Unautomatic for the people

FewSunny weather for a change, so a great opportunity to go out and take some pics. It’s been difficult during the week because of the dark nights when I get in from work, and there’s only so many things I can photograph in my apartment! This morning I went out along the River Tees to take some possible shots for assignment 1. It was also a chance to have a play around with focussing manually. I can’t believe that in all this time I’ve had my camera it has taken until now to flick the switch from auto focus to manual. I feel so much more in control of the image I want to take, whereas before if the camera couldn’t focus then I would give in and change angle or distance. Now I can think much more about selecting what to focus on within the frame. I spent some time taking macro shots of the plants along the footpath. TAoP is making me apprecate things that I would have previously walked on by without p[aying much attention. A lot of the plants were either rounded or pointed, which were two of the qualities needed for assignment 1. Most of the leaves have now fallen, but I thought trees with one or two leaves left might make a good image for ‘few’. It wasn’t until I uploaded my images that I saw I had taken a photo of a spider on a web, next to some steel security fencing. I’m wondering if this could represent weak & strong. This is now my latest dilemma, deciding what photos to use and whether they represent the contrasts I want them to illustrate. I’ve added these possible pics to my Flickr Assignment 1 page.

Weak & Strong

I also finally completed Project 1. It had been weighing on my mind that I was so involved in the first assignment that I hadn’t started the practical side of the projects. But I’m off the start line now, so I’m now looking forward to tackling project 2.

At the top of my to do list is to fill in, and send off, my profile and contact my tutor. It feels the right time to do that now that I’ve made a start. Only another 66 projects and 5 assignments to go! :-/

One of the best parts of this course so far has been the OCA bloggers. It really makes a difference knowing how other people are tackling the projects.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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One Response to Unautomatic for the people

  1. Kamsin says:

    I’m really struggling with assignment 1 and I know what you mean about only having so many things to photograph in your apartment on dark winter nights!
    I just wanted to say I LOVE the image of the spider’s web and in my inexperienced opinion it’d make a great image for weak and strong!


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