Va Va Vooooooom

Moving, originally uploaded by digital-eye.

TAoP is taking over my life (in a good way!). I woke up yesterday morning with 2 shots in mind. The 1st was an idea for transparent, photographing my glasses on a page about lenses from my Canon guide.
The second was of a toy VW camper van, trying to use a slow shutter speed to capture the motion. It took a long time to come up with the picture above, using a 2 secs exposure and a desk lamp to provide extra lighting. I tried different directions, but I liked how in this one the V-dub is going away from the camera.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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3 Responses to Va Va Vooooooom

  1. Mary says:

    love this image!


  2. Good one! I know how much time can be spent coming up with that one good shot. We saw one of these camper vans at the transport museum in Glasgow last week, my partner looked amazed when I mentioned that I used to drive one (she forgets there was life before I met her). If possible you could also try the shot with slow synch flash, so ambient exposure to get the movement but also with flash to freeze the movement, preferably with 2nd curtain synch? Perhaps I will try the same with one of my toys, maybe a Thunderbirds FAB 1.


  3. I have now had a go at FAB 1 with some interesting flash effects and posted some examples on my blog.

    See what you think…


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