Developing into on obsession!

Pointed, originally uploaded by digital-eye.

After much deliberation and mind changing I’ve finally decided on my final 17 photos for assignment 1….I think! I went to Tescos to get them printed. I was really excited to finally get to hold them. It occurred to me that I never usually get to this stage, my photos tend to stay locked away in my Mac on Aperture, with some appearing on Flickr. It’s made me think about printing more often and that, like ye olde film cameras, digital photos should be hanging on walls and sitting on shelves for all to enjoy.
I just need to spend this week writing the dialogue for my contrasts assignment, and then to complete the first few projects.


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Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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2 Responses to Developing into on obsession!

  1. Kamsin says:

    Mine still are locked away on my computer as I emailed my tutor jpegs. But I know what you mean about having actual paper photos. From time to time I go on a photo printing spree but then they just end up sitting in a box.
    Anyway, I changed my mind about 4 times between choosing the “final” 17 and actually finishing the write up; maybe having actual prints would have helped cure my indecision!


  2. For me assignment 1 was a major milestone, I spent ages trying to decide on what to submit and looking back I don’t think I did too well. But once over that hurdle I got into my stride, approaching the subsequent assignments with more confidence and with what I feel were better pictures. I like the drawing pins so hopefully this is indicative of a good set and a basis to progress.


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