Causing a bit of a stir

, originally uploaded by digital-eye.

Been feeling a bit Christmassy and with the decorations up everywhere I thought it would be a great opportunity to take photos of colour. Within the space of 5 minutes I’d been stopped by 3 people all wanting to know what I was doing. I thought it was obvious, having my camera! I was spending a lot of time pointing my camera up at the decorations and one girl said she couldn’t see anything to take a photo of. I explained about my OCA course, but she still seemed unsure. It got me thinking how TAOP has really helped me to tune into my surroundings, but also that it’s a shame that people are so busy rushing around that they fail to see what’s around them.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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2 Responses to Causing a bit of a stir

  1. Great shot, stunning blue. It is surprising how the course helps you develop an ability to see a shot, I am amazed how many photos I now take compared with say a year ago. I was out Sat for a short walk and to snap a few things around a local Loch, I guessed I’d taken 70ish photos. When I loaded them to my PC it turned out to be around 160. I kept on clicking because I was trying to catch birds in flight and managed to get some good shots, you can see a couple of samples on my recent blog update.


  2. Lee says:

    Like the lights, been thinking of trying something similar with our city lights but I don’t think they share this dazzling blue. I’ve recently started the AOP and dived feet first into a blog, inspired by your example which I found via the OCA pages. So thanks for the help and good luck with assignment 1 – I particulaly like the drawing pins.


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