Out of my comfort zone

So far TAOP has taken me to a number of new locations. I’ve been able to develop a good understanding of aperture, types of lenses and shutter speed. Thinking about the frame and composing shots has been very useful and makes me think longer about taking a photograph before I press the shutter release button. The course has encouraged me to have the confidence to try out new things, to step out of my comfort zone.

I took the step to volunteer for my local hospice. They were looking for people to help with fund-raising and I thought what I’m learning through my photography course could help me take photographs they could use for promotional purposes. It would also give me more varied opportunities to practice what I’m learning in TAOP.

Tonight I went to my first fund-raising event, a charity dinner for the volunteers. At first I was quite nervous about asking people if they wanted their photograph taken but as the night went on they seemed to be quite offended if I didn’t take their picture! The function room was quite well lit, but my camera would often make quite long exposures. This would blur the image so I had to take it again. Remembering about the earlier course material I kept the aperture as large as possible to let in as much light into the camera and set the ISO to 400. This was much more effective, enabling me to take sharper shots.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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