My first wedding shoot

I’ve just come back from my first wedding shoot! The bride needed a photographer at the last minute and asked me to step in. I’ve filmed a few weddings before, but never photographed one. Filming a wedding produces lots of footage which almost guarantees that you will be able to have a decent-ish finished product. Photography however is often a one chance opportunity to capture emotions, family and friends. There wasn’t much room to move around the venue. It had snowed a lot outside and so I needed to use a smaller aperture to compensate for the brightness. The bride and groom were very grateful for the photos I produced the narrative projects from TAOP guided me to take a mixture of images, including details on the wedding cake etc.

However I wished I had studied the People and Place OCA Photography course as I felt I needed help composing the group shots. I was conscious of keeping the backdrop interesting and seasonal, so the Christmas tree seemed like the best option. I enjoyed the buzz of taking wedding photos, aware of trying to document the story of the day, choosing a variety of angles and framing shots in different ways.



About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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