Canon and on and on!

I have being using a Canon 400D for nearly 3 years now. It’s a great camera, small, light weight, easy to use and it produces great pictures. However as I progress with my TAOP course I feel as though I’m now pushing the limits of my 400D. I’ve being doing more photography for the Butterwick Hospice. A lot of their fund-raising events are at night and my camera sometimes struggles in the low light. I’ve tried to increase the ISO but then the images can be quite grainy. I’m hoping that when I get to the Artificial Light section of the course that my understanding of shooting in low light will be improve.

Butterwick Hospice Volunteer's Night

I decided to buy a Canon 7D today. I’m really looking forward to using it. The live-view screen should make a big difference when framing shots, especially in situations and angles where it is difficult to look through the viewfinder. Doing event photography is a huge responsibility. It’s no longer about taking photographs for myself and TAOP. Before if a shot didn’t quite work then it didn’t matter. I could always try again at a later date. Now someone else expects me to deliver the goods first time round. Therefore having a back-up camera is a good investment.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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