The Complete Photographer

I have been reading ‘The Complete Photographer’, by Tom Ang. I would really recommend it to anyone wanting a more creative approach to photography with less focus on the technical aspects.

Ang separates photography into 10 different fields. These are: portrait; landscape; fashion; wildlife and nature; sports; documentary; event and milestone; travel; architecture; and fine art. This book has enabled me to compartmentalise what is such a fast pace developing art form. I can now see how different technical aspects of photo taking are required depending on the subject or the intended outcome of a photograph. It has now given me more types of photography to become enthusiastic about. As I work towards a degree in photography I realise that I will be expected to develop a particular style. At the moment I’m unsure of what that will be, but I suppose that’s all part and parcel of being on this journey. I’ll be interested to look back on this blog post in years to come to see what I finally decided to do and how I did it.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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