Starting DPP

Having finished TAOP with the OCA I have just received my course materials for my second level 1 OCA course, Digital Photographic Practice. It’s always exciting to unwrap a new course file from the OCA-red tissue paper. It was even more of a surprise to see that DPP is in a slimmer file than TAOP. There are 25 projects and 5 assignments to work through. I couldn’t resist flicking through it and I’m really keen to get to the monochrome section. I’ve always wondered how photographers can make their black and white images so sharp and punchy. Hopefully I’ll be able to by the end of DPP!

Whilst this is a new course I believe that what I have learnt in TAOP will help me along my journey. Therefore I have decided to continue with this blog, instead of starting a new one. All of the content for DPP will be accessible from the menu at the top of this blog. It can also be accessed from here.



About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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