Searching 4 Inspiration

Last week I was emailed by Peter, the host of the Searching for Inspiration website for Photographers. He had seen one of my swan images (below) on Flickr that I had intended to use for my first DPP assignment. He asked me if I would agree to it being hosted on the home page of his website as image of the week and to be uploaded to their Nature gallery.

I was thrilled to have such a positive response to one of my images. Funnily enough the aim of my first assignment had been to arrive at a selection of images that I could enter into a photography competition. Peter’s email gave me the confidence to enter this image into a competition. I searched the web and found that the RSPB are currently running a competition to find photos for their Love Nature Calendar 2012. I decided to enter my swan image, however this was after taking the time to think about the small print. The RSPB rules for submitting an image state that:

The RSPB reserves the right to use any picture at its own discretion. By submitting a qualifying picture, you agree that the RSPB has a perpetual, royalty free right to use and reproduce the picture, exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to your contribution.

This would mean that I would give up my copyright rights to the image if I was successful. For photographers it is very easy for us to become attached to the photographs we take. At first I was extremely reluctant to relinquish my rights to the image, however I also understand that it is just one of thousands of photographs I have taken, that would be doing nothing sat on my hard drive. To win a competition would mean being credited and include getting publicity. So I suppose it is a reasonable trade off.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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