DFP or P&P? That is the question.

Whilst starting the final project in DPP, The Final Image, I am naturally thinking what next. My photo editing has greatly improved and I understand more now about what happens when I move sliders and adjust layers in Photoshop. My workflow has become more organised and I give myself more time to reflect on the entire process before producing each final image. Also, working on DPP has shown me how much I’ve learnt and been able to apply from TAOP to my assignments. DPP has been concentrated on what happens once the image has been captured, so I have had to use my prior learning to compose shots which are aesthetically pleasing. For anyone reading this blog who is thinking about using the OCA route to achieve photographic qualifications, I would strongly recommend studying The Art of Photography before Digital Photographic Practice, although for anyone wanting to study just one course in isolation then either could be followed.

So what next? As part of my photography degree I have one more level 4 course to work through, and this is where I’m unsure where to go next. People & Place is the most common module to follow in the series of level 4 courses. Looking further ahead I can see how P&P will provide the basis of knowledge and understanding for the later level 5 courses, Social Documentary and Landscape. However another route is to take a slight detour and study Digital Film Production: creative concepts instead. My 7D has a full HD video facility that I rarely use and really could get more use out of. With rapidly developing web technology and mobile devices it would be wise for photographers to keep up to date with both photography and videography. I have been lucky enough to film a number of weddings, shows and events by teaching myself, so to have a structured course to follow would be really supportive. I’m still unsure what to do next, but I’ve got a few months yet before I need to make a decision.

21/1/12 update: after looking through my course file I’ve just noticed that I have another option, to skip the final level 4 course and study all 3 of the level 5 modules. This is very tempting and something that I’m going to consider since I like the sound of all 3 modules.


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Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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