House Keeping

Whilst I am thinking about what to do for my 5th DPP assignment, I thought it would be a good idea to review what I’ve learnt so far. Since this Learning Blog also contains my learning for TAOP I want to ensure that the assessors are able to determine what I’ve learnt during DPP. It’s ironic that the first part of DPP is about workflow and organising files etc and yet I’ve let things slip with how I maintain my learning blog. I’ve started to review how I’ve tagged and categorised my blog’s content. I’ve decided to create a category for each project with a parent ‘DPP’ category so that the assessors and other interested viewers can quickly view the posts relevant to this course. I hope that this makes it easier to navigate around my blog. I am also conscious that I have a number of pages for DPP that aren’t able to be tagged, and could be missed. Therefore I am going to ensure that they have corresponding posts that point to the relevant page.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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