Peace Processed

In my Assignment 4 feedback my tutor mentioned how photographers develop longer term ‘projects’ depending on their interests etc. This idea really appealed to me. It enabled me to make the distinction that my OCA study should be encouraging me to explore my photography further for myself instead of it being a means to passing the course. Therefore I have started to think in more depth about the types of themes I can explore.

Photographing an urban area appealed to me, especially since it’s something I haven’t really covered in any of my OCA assignments yet. When traveling I love taking photos of places and how people interact with them. Then a ferry trip to Ireland gave me the inspiration for this project, which incorporates some of the ideas I talked about above.

Derry-Londonderry is City of Culture for 2013 and coming to terms with its troubled past. The Good Friday Agreement and David Cameron’s apology for the Bloody Sunday massacre has contributed to Derry-Londonderry being able to resolve some of its troubled past. Some would say there is still a way to go, but at least they’re heading in the right direction. This project will also give me the opportunity to apply some of the techniques I have learnt in TAOP and DPP so far.

Fahan St

1. Sharpened, cropped, black and white

Derry Mural

2. Duplicated background layer, unsharp mask, desaturated bottom layer, eraser tool to remove top colour and reveal monochrome underneath.

3. Peace Dove

3. Peace Dove

Slogan removed from roof top using healing brush set to replace. Lamp posts and aerials removed around peace dove. Lamp post to the left of the mural has been turned around. Increased saturation. Healing brush to enhance coloured panels around dove.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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