From across the galaxy…

Today was the Butterwick Hospice’s May Fayre. It’s always a popular annual event that’s always well attended. I photographed it last year as well and I was interested in finding out how much I had improved since starting DPP. Last year’s fayre was much sunnier and so this time I had to be much more organised!

I have now finally got out of the habit of keeping my lens set at the maximum aperture. It had always meant that my images were not sharp enough. I also remembered that a smaller aperture meant that I needed a higher ISO. Having learned from DPP that I need to be prepared before the shoot I was able to get my camera settings right early on. I even checked the weather forecast the night before!

With gymnasts and Stormtroopers it was a fantastic event to photograph. I was able to capture the action with little blur and I used Photoshop to sharpen images where necessary. I really felt in control of my camera instead of a process of elimination. I also had the security of knowing what I was capable of doing in Photoshop if things needed to be altered etc. It was also a brilliant day for the Butterwick Hospice, raising £11,000 on the day!


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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