Let this be a Sign – Simon Roberts

From the 25th May to the 1st July, Simon Roberts work has been exhibited at the Swiss Cottage Gallery. His work portrays the economic, political and social effects of the recent UK recession. Unlike previously similar events such as the miners strikes of the 1980s, with services and opportunities being cut, pensions vanishing and share prices plummeting, the current hardships being felt by people are almost invisible. Simon Roberts’ work ‘Let this be a Sign’ attempts to document the current climate over a period of 18 months through photographs, text and film.

Sale Posters – Simon Roberts

The image above is a montage of sale posters displayed in shop windows. This is an approach I’d like to try in my 5th assignment. Possibly going further than Roberts by thinking about the distribution and colour of the arrangement. Simon Roberts’ image below shows people sticking Post-it notes on a closed-down shop window of Poundland. The Post-it notes are positive statements about the current situation, an attempt by people to cling on to the last few strands of positivity we have left. Simon Roberts exhibition has given me further ideas about how to portray the current economic climate.

Poundland – Simon Roberts

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With over 20 years teaching experience in primary schools, I am an ICT Advanced Skills Teacher and Apple Teacher.
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