3D or not 3D? That is the Question

So….what happened to the 3D TV bubble? Did it burst, or will it become commonplace in living rooms up and down the country, in every country? Some camera manufacturers are already producing 3D stills cameras. In one way it’s bizarre that in an analogue age the Polaroid camera was in vogue, being able to instantly print out and hold a photograph that had been taken just seconds earlier. Now we are drawn towards wanting our digital images to pop out of the screens they are locked inside! Personally, I can’t see how having to wear a pair of 3D glasses is going to catch on.

Meanwhile photographer Ryan Enn Hughes has approached 3D photography in an entirely different way. Instead of using just 1 camera he has used 46 cameras in a circle to photograph 360 degrees of dancers.

This enables the viewer to rotate the subject 360 degrees, enabling it to pop out of the screen. This innovative technique has so much potential. It is already used to some extent with product photography. With the recent developments in 3D printing, being able to replicate an object, it is exciting to think how these two technologies could be combined.

About Matt Davenport

With over 20 years teaching experience in primary schools, I am an ICT Advanced Skills Teacher and Apple Teacher.
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