Prints to Impress

Yesterday I received my first ever set of professional prints. I can’t believe that having started digital photography over 4 years ago, this is the first time I’ve ever really done anything with my photos.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I am entering my first photography competition and need to submit prints. It’s made me think more about why we take photographs and that they shouldn’t end up filling bytes of hard drive space, never yo be seen again. Whilst Flickr and my website represent an end-point in my workflow, I mustn’t neglect the original reason for photography. That photographs also belong on walls, mantle pieces, and albums. My new year’s resolution should have been to print more photos! After reading a review of photographic printers in the Advanced Photographer magazine, I decided to use Loxley Colour because they offered good value for money and a wide range of options. I ordered them on Sunday and received them on Wednesday, 16 x 20, lustre finish. I would definitely recommend them for anyone else needing a quick, professional and quality service.


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Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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One Response to Prints to Impress

  1. About 6-months ago, i had some prints done of what i thought at the time were my favourite photos, we had just moved into a new apartment and not able to hang pictures on the wall, so I had some photos replicated to stand on easels. It is still quiet strange to see these in our living room (and at the bottom of our stairs in the UK), but it is difficult too as you never know how people will react to them, when they comment that they like the image, is it because I have taken it and they do not want to offend, or do they genuinely like it? It also makes me question whether I actually like my photography or not, as I have days when I like what I do and days when I do not, I still have not found ‘my thing’ so it is difficult to answer any of these questions yet!


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