DPP Assignment 5 Feedback

Mixed feelings today, I received my tutor’s feedback for my 5th and final DPP assignment. I always find it exciting to find out how my work is perceived by an expert in their field, and also nervous as to whether my work fitted the brief. This means I have formally completed this latest stage on my journey to a degree in photography.

Now in my 5th year I’m not sure whether I’m on a ‘journey’. A journey tends to have a beginning and a final destination, whereas the more I learn, the more avenues that are opened up for me to explore. I intend to build on what I’ve learnt in DPP and explore it further.

Assignment 5 is a culmination of everything I’ve learnt during my DPP course, from workflow to the final image. I had been disappointed with my first assignment since it lacked any real theme or focus. However, this time my tutor felt that my final assignment was:

 A very cohesive body of work responding to contemporary themes.

She really liked how I had used satire in my work and how it had enabled me to explore some complex photographic solutions. One reason why I think my assignment was so successful was because of the amount of time I’d spent on it. Overall it took me 6 months to complete, including time to consider different themes and ideas. This was in contrast to my first assignment, which I photographed in one morning. My tutor also pointed out how these type of photos could be used to illustrate news stories and comment pieces in print. This is definitely a direction I would like to explore further. Many photographers appear to specialise in a particular field of photography, and at the moment I’m spoilt for choice and unsure of the direction I want to go in.

My tutor has guided me to understand that photographic projects take time to complete, involving periods of reflection and alteration. This is something I have added to my workflow. Since we are still economically in dire straits, I would like to extend my 5th assignment further.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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