New Additions

It’s not easy having 5 little mouths to feed. The photograph below shows our 8 month quins all looking for their next feed.

Fortunately for us there are 4 too many  babies in this photo. One is by far enough to handle at the moment!

Recently I had seen some examples of multiplicity on the Internet, a technique whereby a subject is copied a number of times in different positions and angles in the same scene. This another aspect of image manipulation which isn’t covered in the DPP material but is a natural extension to Exercise 22: Addition. To achieve this effect it is essential to use a tripod. I bribed my son with a bottle of milk and moved him around the table, taking a photograph of each position. Then in Photoshop each image was located as a new layer. With the other 4 layers unselected, I used the eraser tool to remove all of the pixels surrounding the baby on the top layer. I then repeated this for the other layers  (except the background layer, because this contained the overall scene. As each layer was reselected the babies were revealed.

A tip for anyone wanting to try this is not to have the subjects next to each other. I had to zoom in and be careful not to erase the wrong part of the image.

I really enjoyed the fun element to this process and making people question whether they really are quins. This is a technique I would like to explore further.


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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2 Responses to New Additions

  1. Catherine says:

    A good one that. Took my breath away when I first saw the title!


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