Making an Exhibition of Myself

My main intention when starting DPP was to learn more about how I could tweak and enhance my images to look the way I had intended them to look when I pressed the shutter button. Little did I know that it would conclude with me having framed and exhibited some of my work in an art gallery, the old fashioned way!
In an earlier post I mentioned that I was intending to enter the Nuneaton Festival of Arts. It’s a fantastic opportunity for artists, dancers, musicians, writers, and photographers to have their craft displayed to a wider audience.
Photographers are allowed to enter a maximum of 6 ‘classes’, with 1 photograph allowed in each class. Now that the DPP course has encouraged me to archive my images more methodically, I was able to review a variety of different photographs quickly and easily find the ones I wanted to enter.
For me the greatest obstacle I needed to overcome was producing prints from my images. This is something I have to ashamedly admit that I rarely do. Since the entries were going to be displayed in the art gallery I realised that I might need to think bigger than my small HP printer! In an edition of Advanced Photographer magazine there was a feature about the quality of online printing services. Loxley Colour appeared to offer a reasonable quality of depth, colour and contrast. It wasn’t the cheapest, but seemed to worth the money. In other words, you get what you pay for. I decided to choose 16 x 12 prints, realising that they would need to be mounted and framed.
When my prints arrived it felt very satisfying to know I had created them and a sense of completion, in that they would be shared for others to see instead of being stored on a hard drive.
Last Friday the competition was judged and I was overwhelmed to hear that I had won 3 classes, came second in 2 classes, and third in 1! To have had my work acknowledged in that way was highly rewarding. All entries will now be exhibited during May for the public to see, which I find really exciting.
Photography can sometimes be very much a solitary past time, you go out with a particular subject/scene in mind, and invest a lot of thought in how that image is portrayed. If the final image is to remain with it’s taker, then photography would be a very soulless activity.

Charted Decline
Class: Still Life. Position: 3rd

iRead Class: Image Manipulation Position: 2nd

First Smile Class: Portrait Position: 2nd

First Snow of Winter Class: Landscape Position: 1st

Redcar in March Class: Black and white Position: 1st

Developing Media Class: Humour Position: 1st


About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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2 Responses to Making an Exhibition of Myself

  1. Catherine says:

    Congratulations Matt. Hope you’ll be putting some views on your site as well.


  2. Well done Matt, it is always great to find you get something completely different out of your work than you expect too, and what you found in DPP was a complete contrast to what would be expected. Excellent photos, a great inspiration, especially for someone like me who is just starting out. Keep up the great work


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