Reading round the subject

Before starting my People and Place module I thought it would be interesting to delve back through history to when portraiture photography began. Although I have taken many ‘snap shots’ of people before, I have never created a portrait before. This will be a situation way out of my comfort zone, so one way I thought of overcoming this is to take a greater interest in this genre from the outset. To tackle it head on!

Although this will be my third module, I have never really taken the time to consider the origins of photography. I would usually jump straight into my OCA course file and start. Whilst looking through Bull (2010), Bate (2009) and Angier (2007) I realised how there was a natural progression from the Niepce’s heliography and the invention of the daguerreotype to portrait photography. The more I read, the more I realised I needed to split the information up into 3 blog posts: The New Painting; Finding the Right Type; and Photography at Face Value. Researching and writing these posts enabled me to gain a greater understanding of the origins of photography and it’s close relationship to art.

Furthermore, these blog posts also encouraged me to develop good habits when referencing sources of information. I feel I am now able to start Project 1: People aware with a renewed interest and understanding of the genre of portrait photography.

About Matt

Photography degree student with the Open College of the Arts.
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