Settling down with Squarespace

Website update

Website update

I have now been using Squarespace 6 to host and build my website for 10 months now, so I am becoming confident with how to control and construct its layout. The image above is a screen shot for my latest home page. As I progress through the course I am becoming drawn towards travel photography, therefore I wanted this to be reflected in the landing page for my website. I chose the image above of the P & O cruise ship Ventura, sailing on the Mediterranean Sea. I loved the bright colours and the amount of activity in the photograph, making an interesting introduction for my work.

Squarespace 6 is such an easy platform to become familiar with. There are a variety of interesting templates to use for portfolio websites and blogs. I chose to have large images with a traditional navigation menu in a column on the left hand side. All of the key information is there, together with titles for portfolio images. I could have just had a ‘portfolio’ tab, but I wanted the viewer to be able to select a particular area of my work. You will also see social media icons that link to other platforms. Again this is easy to set up on Squarespace 6.

Pages, collections, galleries, blogs, external links, can all be added by simply selecting the most appropriate block. You can also embed video and bits of html to make the most of other parts of the Internet.

Finally, two other features that attracted me to Squarespace 6 were that you could have an unlimited number of pages, blogs and images, as well as it being compatible with mobile tablets and smart phones. You’re not tied in to long contracts and it’s easy to link to a custom domain name. I suppose that’s more than ‘two other features’ but there’s just so much to love about this website builder. You can find out how I’ve used Squarespace 6 to build my website here.

About Matt Davenport

With over 20 years teaching experience in primary schools, I am an ICT Advanced Skills Teacher and Apple Teacher.
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2 Responses to Settling down with Squarespace

  1. iChappers says:

    Love the landing page image! That’s street photography on the waves!


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