About Me


There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams.

Photographs are fascinating, capturing moments in time literally in a flash. My first camera was a Boots 110 EF, with a 26mm/f8 lens, fixed focus, and fixed exposure. You had to advance the film with a slider underneath and cross your fingers that once the pictures were developed in a day or so that they weren’t too dark or too blurry, or that they missed the moments they were meant to capture. Anyone can take a photo and yet I’ve always wanted to know what makes a great photo. What are the tricks of the trade and how can I use them to improve my photos?

After years of using instamatics, and the dawn of the digital age, I bought a DSLR (a Canon 400D). Using it on ‘automatic’ setting with ‘auto-focus’ didn’t seem to be doing it justice, so I signed up and completed the Open University’s T189 course, which was a very good overview, especially about what the AV and TV settings mean! After a good grounding in the technical aspects of photography I wanted to develop further. After searching on the web I came across the Open College of the Arts (OCA) distance learning courses. I particularly liked how my learning could progress to a degree in photography. The Art of Photography course appealed to me, giving me an insight into what makes some photographs more pleasing than others.

My digital eye is an on-going record of my thoughts and ideas as I progress through the OCA’s BA (Hons) in Photography. I have completed The Art of Photography course and Digital Photographic Practice. I’m now studying the final Level 1 module People and Place, which will hopefully give me a good overview before embarking on my Level 2 courses, Landscape and Documentary.

I hope this blog will also encourage others to leave constructive comments about my work and share ideas.

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