Assignment 3: rejects

Following my tutor’s feedback I have created this page to show some of the images that didn’t make it into my Assignment 3: Monochrome and to explain some of my reasons for not including them.


The image above was the first one I took once I arrived at Redcar. I had parked up in the car park in the background and as I was walking towards the beach I noticed some starlings splashing around in a puddle that had been created from a blocked drain. I took the picture because of the reflections in the water. I feel as an image it works well with a graininess and fading tones of the poles in the background. However since there is not a clear reference to the beach or sea, I felt it wasn’t appropriate to include it in the assignment. On reflection, it would be good to include this in a collection of images about life around the edge of things associated with the seaside.


The second image (above) hints at the industrial environment that provides a backdrop for Redcar beach. During the shoot I purposely used the metal railings from the right hand side to draw the viewer across the frame to the couple standing in the left hand third. I liked how the tones were very subtle but felt that there wasn’t enough in focus to be included.


The third image in this set was a close up of the tide flowing in across the sand. I really liked the textures that the water and sand were producing when they interacted. If I hadn’t reached my limit on photos to submit for assignment 3 I would have included this one.


Image 4 is another one that I spent some time considering whether to include it in my final set. It would need to be straightened slightly. The tones graduate well from dark at the bottom to light at the top. Using an aperture of f/22 and exposure of 1/15 sec has helped to create a smooth tone in the foreground. Again after having a second look, this is something that I might have included. Reflecting on my images is helping me to realise that even after making my final selects it’s always a good idea to come back after a period of time to consider what images to use, especially since there was a reason for me taking the images I had taken.


There was something surreal about this scene (image 5), a surfer walking towards the factory on a beach. The surfer looks dejected and lost. Since my other images didn’t have any people as the main subject I felt that it didn’t quite fit into the set as a whole. Reflecting on what my tutor said about thinking about what Sugimoto was thinking and how he felt when he photographed his images, I can now see this photograph in a new light. In many ways this image illustrates how I was feeling whilst recovering from glandular fever. I felt very weak and lethargic, which is portrayed in the surfer and the weakly toned factory in the background.

Other images I left out, which are included in Redcar in March, seemed to either be similar to those I included in my final set or didn’t illustrate the interaction between the land and water that I wanted to show.

This process has helped me to think that sometimes it’s acceptable to deviate from a brief, since photography is an on-going creative process and there is a danger that images maybe ‘manufactured’ if a photographer is looking for a specific image.


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