Project 2: Digital image qualities

This is an area of photography that I felt I was particularly weak in and one of the main reasons for choosing DPP. I had been able to adjust the basics, contrast, saturation and brightness, but not really explored the finer details of the image. It always felt as though I was just skimming the surface of photo editing. Having spent the last couple of years studying TAOP my time was spent creating the image in camera. With the almost immediate feedback your receive on social networking sites like Flickr and Facebook, I usually wanted to upload my images ASAP, to see what others thought. DPP is making me realise that the enhancements I make when editing the image is worthwhile.

Exercise 5: Sensor linear capture

Exercise 6: Highlight clipping

Exercise 7: Your tolerance for noise

Exercise 8: Camera dynamic range

Exercise 9: Scene dynamic range

Exercise 10: Colour cast and white balance

Assignment 2: Digital image qualities

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