Project 3: Processing the image

Although I’ve been photographing in raw for over 4 years now and used my OCA student discount to get Adobe Photoshop CS4, I’ve never felt entirely certain of what to adjust during the image processing stage.  TAOP gave be a good grounding in understanding the principles of colour theory, but I have thought that sometimes I could get more out of my images and that I’m not showing them at their full potential. My images can sometimes appear flat or over-saturated. Hopefully this part of the course will enable me to understand how I can correct the pixels in my images and make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Exercise 11: Raw

Exercise 12: Managing tone

Exercise 13: Managing colour

Exercise 14: Interpretative processing

Exercise 15: Black and white

Exercise 16: Strength of interpretation

Exercise 17: Colours into tones 1

Exercise 18: Colours into tones 2

Assignment 3: Monochrome

This project has helped me to break down my image processing workflow by considering tone and colour separately, whilst the strength of interpretation exercises have helped me realise that there isn’t one universally desired version of an image. By taking time to experiment with the various tonal and colour qualities of an image, a preferred image may be produced that the photographer hadn’t initially intended when the shutter was pressed.

Project 4: Reality and intervention will help me to extend the possibilities of image manipulation.


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