Exercise 13: Managing colour

Find 2 images that have a significant colour cast. The main purpose of this exercise is to ‘correct it’.

For this exercise I am going to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 and adjust the white balance and hue slider where necessary.

Cloud colour cast

These clouds (above) over the Atlantic Ocean appeared to have a blue colour cast. I moved the temperature slider towards yellow since it was opposite blue. I also changed the white balance setting from auto to shade. This has created a warmer feel to the image (below). The grey of the clouds helped to maintain a ‘correct’ colour.

Shade preset

This gondolier (below) has been photographed with a reddish colour cast on the wall behind him.

Red colour cast

I moved the temperature slider to blue and increased the green tint to produce a more natural looking wall. I used the white stripes of the gondolier as a reference point for what needed to remain white.

Red colour cast removed


This exercise supports what I discovered about the benefits of raw in Exercise 11, that there is much more image data to control. Just tweaking the colour temperature and hue has made a huge difference to these images.

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