Exercise 15: Black and White

When I first received my DPP course file I couldn’t wait to get to this section and Assignment 3: Monochrome, I think because whilst surrounded by the bright colourful lights and interactivity of the 21st Century, there’s something classy and sophisticated about black and white that brings everything back to basics.

Task: Choose a subject, lighting condition or picture situation that you think may look better in black and white than in regular colour.

Black and white fence

I came across this view whilst walking at Beamish Museum in the North East of England. It was a bright summer afternoon and the sun shining through the white picket fence created a strong contrasting shadow along the foot path. I angled my camera so that the top fence’s shadow ran along the left-hand side of the frame. I liked the strong contrast between the bottom left (black) and top right (white) parts of the frame and how it had been divided. I also liked the string shape of the shadow and the shaded parts of the white fence.

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