Project 4: Reality and intervention

This is the part of the course that I was initially unsure of. It addresses one of the more controversial aspects of photography. I can see how altering tone, saturation, white balance etc can enhance an image and is often seen as being acceptable in presenting a scene at it’s optimum best…but to add, remove or alter elements of an image creates a new meaning and fully involves the photographer in the image.

Society is over-loaded with manipulated images, for example the on-going debate about airbrushing models to fit the unachievable fashion statement. As I have progressed through DPP and got closer to this Project, I have changed my view of image manipulation. At first I was very much against the idea of altering what the camera had captured. I had always been fascinated by how photographs were snap shots of time and to interfere with that seemed to go against the whole point of taking photographs. However as my understanding of photography develops I can now see a case for both. Photographs can be used to document events and experiences, but they can also be used as art forms. My tutor has really helped me to see the potential of photography as an art form and how it can be used to communicate a photographer’s thoughts and intentions. I have referred to this in my blog post Is seeing unbelieving?

After all there are some occasions when the image is faked before being processed and even the shutter being closed. For example it wasn’t until after the Natural History Museum had awarded José Luis Rodriguez the title Wildlife Photographer of the Year and £10,000, that they discovered the wolf he photographed jumping over a gate (below) was not wild but hired a wolf called Ossian from a Madrid wildlife park.

Storybook Wolf (from the Guardian Website)

Exercise 19: Correction

Exercise 20: Improvement

Exercise 21: Enhancement

Exercise 22: Addition

Exercise 23: Alteration

Assignment 4: Real or fake

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