Exercise 19: Correction

Task: Remove blemishes and lens flare.

Left - Dust shadows Right - Dust shadows removed

Removing blemishes

For this exercise I uploaded the dust shadow JPEG from the OCA student site into Photoshop. I then zoomed into 100%, following the advice in the course file. I never view my images so closely, I usually edit them how they open. This has made me reconsider how closely I edit my images. Zooming in more closely enabled me to see more dust spots than I first thought. I decided to use the ‘spot healing brush’ to paint over the dust spots as this was relatively quick and enabled me to replace the spots with surrounding colour. There were some parts of the image that I wasn’t sure whether to remove or not and the more I retouched the image the more I wanted to do to improve it. I decided to not remove anything that appeared to be larger than the other spots as this may have started to alter the form and shape of the subjects. Being able to ‘clean-up’ an image to fulfill it’s potential seems to be acceptable to me. I would have spent a lot of time dusting these objects to achieve the desired result. Otherwise a blemish-filled image would probably be rejected.

Removing Lens flare

Lens Flare

For the second part of this exercise the task was to remove the lens flare from the left hand side of the building. Having found zooming in useful in the first part of this exercise I viewed the photo at 400%. I decided to use the clone tool to gradually replicate the colours surrounding the lens flare. At first this was a simple process over the white walls but then some parts, such as the windows and doorways, didn’t have enough shadow detail to show where they started and finished. This meant that I had to guess where the doorways and windows stopped. I felt uncomfortable about altering the image to that extent. If I had photographed the building myself I may have had more of an idea of how to correct it accurately.

I feel that removing the lens flare (above) was the right thing to do as it wasn’t significantly big enough to add anything creative to the photograph. However I did feel uncomfortable when it came to making decisions that may have altered the physical nature of the building. Lens flare and dust spots are not partof the subject being photographed, so it feels ok to remove them. However, to alter the subject itself seems to be deceiving the viewer.



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