Exercise 22: Addition

Task: To add one element from a different image. Take a conventional landscape view and render the sky so that it appears ideally exposed, with every detail of every cloud visible and textured.

  1. Find a scene with a clear and obvious horizon line and high dynamic range – i.e. a cloudy sky.
  2. Make 2 exposures – perfect exposure for the landscape and one perfect for the sky. The difference should be around 2 f/stops or more.
  3. Combine the 2 images.
  4. Copy the lighter image onto the darker image. Then erase the over-exposed sky from the upper layer to reveal the darker sky beneath.
  5. Flatten the image and save as a copy.
  6. Return to the original state of 2 layers before using the eraser brush.
  7. Now make a selection of the sky in the upper layer. refine the edges of the horizon. Save the selection.
  8. Now delete the upper layer’s sky, flatten and save as a copy.

Part 2

Take the same image and use a sky from another. Consider the direction of sunlight, overall brightness and the contrast in order to make the match look good.

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