Reading List


Gerry Badger, The Genius of Photography, Quadrille Publishing, 2007

David Bate, Photography (Key Concepts), Berg, 2009

Susan Bright, Art Photography Now, Thames & Hudson, 2007

Stephen Bull, Photography, Routledge, London, 2010

Charlotte Cotton, The Photograph as Contemporary Art, Thames & Hudson, London, 2011

Anna Fox & Natasha Caruana, Basics Creative Photography 03: Behind the Image, AVA Publishing, Lausanne, 2012

John Freeman, Photography, Collins & Brown, London, 2005

Michael Freeman, The Digital SLR Handbook, Ilex Press, 2011

Michael Freeman, Light & Lighting, Ilex, Lewes, East Sussex, 2004

Michael Freeman, The Photographer’s Eye, Ilex, Lewes, East Sussex, 2007

Scott Olsen, The Golden Section, Wooden Books, Glastonbury, 2009

Bryan Peterson, Understanding Exposure (Revised Edition), Nielsen Business Media, New York, 2004

Aaron Scharf, Art and Photography, Penguin, London, 1974

Susan Sontag, On Photography, Penguin Books, London, 197

Liz Wells, The Photography Reader,Routledge, Oxon, 2003

The Internet

The Art of Photography podcast

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