There are 5 assignments during The Art of Photography course.

1. The theory and practice of contrasts

2. Colour

3. Application of learning

4. Applying lighting techniques

5. Applying the techniques of illustration and narrative

Images will be based on the following criteria:

a) creativity and originality: choice of subject and approach; invention in the choice of techniques; experimentation with ideas.

b) communication: expression of thoughts and feelings; clarity of message and subject; interest generated.

c) design and selection: control of framing; choice of viewpoint; composition and organisation.

d) technical competence: control of focus; exposure.

1 Response to Assignments

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Matt, I’m doing Painting with the OCA but I’m interested in everything — not actually doing everything but seeing what others are doing and keeping in touch with other OCA students. Good going with your blog, I’ll put a link to it in my blog too.


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