Assignment 2: Colour

If you unknowing, are able to create masterpieces in colour, then unknowledge is your way. But if you are unable to create masterpieces in colour out of your unknowledge, then you ought to look for knowledge.

Joseph Itten, 1920’s


Take 4 photographs each (16 altogether) that illustrate the following colour relationships:

  • colour harmony through complementary colours
  • colour harmony through similar colours
  • colour contrast through contrasting colours
  • colour accent using any of the above

Click here to view the photos I submitted for this assignment.

Comment on the colour relationship, balance and movement.

Changes recommended by my tutor

4 Similar Colours Greens - changes

4 Similar Colours Greens – the player in blue was very close to the frame so he has been cropped out and there is a greater emphasis of the green goal keeper in the foreground.

5 Red Accent - changes

5 Red Accent – some of the foreground has been cropped to draw attention to the more interesting parts of the photograph, including the red accented dinosaur.

8 Orange Accent - changes

8 Orange Accent – half of the sky has been cropped due to it having no effect on the image.

Complementary Colours Red and Green - changes

10 Complementary Colours Red and Green – the street artist’s hands have been cropped to produce a better proportioned portrait.

14 Contrasting Colours Red and Blue - changes

14 Contrasting Colours Red and Blue – My tutor had difficulty about the subject of this photograph. It is a close-up of a pair of trainers with red laces. I decided to crop out the blurred trainer so as to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the red lace knot on the right-hand third.


I enjoyed this assignment. It was interesting to find that some colour combinations were very common, such a red and green, whilst others were very difficult to spot, such as yellow and purple. Whilst my tutor’s feedback was extremely positive I have learnt that I need to take more time cropping my images to achieve better compositions.

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