2. The Frame

Aim: To help you to use the viewfinder as an extension of your eye and to compose well designed and well balanced pictures within it.

Having completed 1: A way of seeing I am now looking forward to getting to grips with composition. Every photographer starts with a small rectangular viewfinder and yet the results they produce can vary considerably. I can sometimes take over 100 photos in one shoot without really thinking about composition. It’s now time to think about quality rather than quantity!

Looking through the viewfinder

Project 6: fitting the frame to the subject

Project 7: objects in different positions in the frame

Project 8: recording a sequence

The angle of view

Project 9: focal lengths

Project 10: focal lengths and different viewpoints

Dividing the frame

Project 11: balance

Project 12: positioning the horizon

Project 13: The Golden Section

Frames, shapes and sizes

Project 14: vertical and horizontal frames


Project 15: cropping

Assignment 1: the theory and practice of contrasts

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