Project 15: cropping

Task: Choose 3 photos, each a different subject. Crop the images in different ways and record the results with a brief explanation of why you chose to crop in a particular way.

1. Guitarist

a) This long crop illustrates the length of the guitar and focus’ the viewer’s attention to the guitarists hands.

b) A close tight crop around the guitarist’s face changes the perspective of the image. It is unclear who he is or what he’s doing. In addition to this the shadow on his face adds to the mystery of the image.

c) A larger cropped area is very similar to the original image, but the guitar is tightly fitted into the frame to concentrate the viewer on the guitarist instead of looking along the neck of the guitar.

2. Beamish

a) Cropping around the tram since it is the main subject in the original image.

b) Cropping around the people in the background has now brought them forward as the main subject. Excluding the tram has now altered the context of the picture with it being unclear about where the photo has been taken.

c) A long crop to concentrate around the garage sign.

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