Project 11: balance

Task: Take 6 photographs. Decide how balance works in each one. Identify the dominant parts. Make a small rectangular sketch + weighing scale. The more  simple the composition (fewer elements) the more obvious the balance will be.


The hut dominates the frame, almost filling the right hand side and over half of the width. There is little else of interest and the viewer’s eye is lead along the fence to the main subject.

There is almost a symmetrical feel to this image, however the domed building on the right is slightly larger and therefore has a greater weighting.

The ship is the main subject of the above photograph. It’s central position ensures that the image is balanced, with the equal amount of rocks across the foreground having little influence.

The statue on the right hand side is much larger than the one on the left, therefore making it the dominant subject. The photograph is unbalanced because the smaller statue on the left hand side is very close to the centre of the image. Positioning the small statue closer to the edge of the image would have a positive influence over the overall balance.

The policeman is clearly the main subject, filling the majority of the frame, equally proportioned either side of the centre and giving balance to the photograph.

The similarity between the two subjects as knights is not just due to the fact they are facing each other in a joust. They are almost at an equal distance from the edge of the frame, whilst leaving the centre clear, and this has created an almost symmetrical impression. This project has really helped me to think more about how I can influence the effect of a photograph on the viewer by how subjects are balanced, or not balanced. This has helped me to understand in some ways the difference between average and amazing photographs.

Full resolution versions of these images can be found on my Flickr









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