Project 12: positioning the horizon

Task: Divide the picture into 2 or more fairly distinct areas of light and shade. Find a viewpoint outdoors where there is an unbroken and clear horizon. Consider different positions to arrange the horizon. Take a photo of each position. Note whether the placement works.


Positioning the horizon line low in the frame has given more emphasis to the cloudy sky. This is my favourite image out of the four, with the chimneys looking very over-powered by the sky above.


Lowering my camera slightly and raising the horizon line has created some interest in the foreground, with the stream leading the viewer towards the factory.


Positioning the horizon across the centre of the frame has produced an image which is not as interesting as the first 2 photographs above.


A horizon line towards the top of the frame has left a lot of the reeds in view in the foreground. The stream does lead to the factory, but the colours are very pale and there is nothing striking that jumps out to the viewer. Therefore making it not as interesting as the other images.


This project has made me think more about the up and down of photographs. It’s very convenient and natural to take photographs standing with the horizon across the centre of an image as we would see it without a camera. I can now see how by simply changing the angle of view can create 4 very different scenes. High horizon lines enable the foreground to be the main subject of the photograph, whilst a low horizon line draws the viewer towards the top of the frame.

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