Project 7: objects in different positions in the frame

Task: 1. Compose the shot quickly and naturally

2. 4 or 5 exposures with the subject in different positions

Put the images in order of preference.

I chose an Iron Age stone fortress in Donegal, Ireland for the subject of this project. The Grianán is located on the western edge of a small group of hills that lie between the upper reaches of Lough Swilly and Lough Foyle. It’s simple round shape with wooden track leading to it presented an uncluttered scene for this project.

My images in order of preference are:

1. Top left corner

2. Bottom right corner

3. Centre

4. Top centre

The photograph with the Grianán in the top left corner of the frame is my favourite image. The curvature of the wooden pathway leads the viewer from the bottom right to the fortress. It gave the illusion of height to the fortress, which suited the subject. Whereas the 3rd and 4th images were very static and uninteresting.

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