Project 8: recording a sequence

[20-30 photos]

Task: Record the way you approach the shot and sequence. Record all the moments that are almost right.

Take pictures as you go along, record how you moved. See how the sequence progresses. Make short note about moving on to viewpoint.

I chose to photograph the London marathon for this project as it was an event I was familiar with and it offered a lot of opportunities for a variety of shots.

I took this photograph of the mile marker sign first as it gave a context for this sequence of images. It was also a contender for the Colour Assignment. I crouched down to get a low angle and make the tower look imposing against the blue sky.

Then I started to concentrated on the runners passing by, with the mile-marker in the background.

As the hundreds of runners ran past I twisted round to track them from behind, trying to maintain an obvious subject. The Macmillan runner caught my eye, framed between the 2 runners wearing blue.

Then I turned back around but took a lower position, enabling me to capture more runners in the distance and all of the runner in the foreground.

As one runner was going past I managed to have part of her figure in focus with a shallow depth of field to blur the runner behind.

Having taken photographs of regular runners I started to spot the more flamboyant characters in the race.

I couldn’t miss Fred Flintstone!

Moving along with the competitors I took up a lower position, face on to photograph all the feet that were passing by.

Turning to my right I was close to the water station and waited to capture the passing of water to runners.

I moved behind the water station to get a different perspective, showing the bottles waiting to be given out.

I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to capture a runner jokingly throw water at the volunteers.

As I was passing the water station, following the flow of the race, I photographed the bottles runners were throwing on the ground.

Having concentrated on the runners I then focused on the supporters and tried to capture the enthusiasm they showed.

There were some great expressions on the supporters faces. I cropped the image above to concentrate on them.

As the race progressed the runners were used to people photographing them. I captured the image above and below of them looking into the camera, making the viewer have some empathy with them.

I also tried to avoid positioning the subject in the centre of the frame to maintain interest and provide some context in the surrounding area.


I was  glad to choose the London Marathon for this project. It gave me lots of opportunities to photograph at different viewpoints as the race progressed.

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