Project 10: focal lengths and different viewpoints

Task: Changing lens + viewpoint = different perspective

Wide-angle and telephoto – bigger difference between focal length. Find a scene with enough space in front  – viewpoint near to far. Avoid a flat subject.

– telephoto tightly framed

– wide-angle

Exposure: 1/250 Aperture: f/5.6 Focal length: 170mm ISO 200

With a focal length of 170mm the guitarist is tightly fitted within the frame. This gives a sense of presence, revealing the expression and emotion of the subject that wouldn’t be seen in the audience.

Exposure: 1/250 Aperture: f/9.5 Focal length: 12mm ISO: 200

Meanwhile the wide-angle lens set at 12mm, and a lower viewpoint, revealed much more of the scene, including the stage and people dancing. The viewer is an onlooker, detached from the subject, but with a greater sense of the context of the photograph.

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