Project 20: horizontal and vertical lines

Task: Look for specific examples of horizontal and vertical lines.


Railway lines. The railway lines are darker and stand out clearer. However I think the ‘Mind the Gap’ lettering could be quite distracting.

Harbour wall and horizon. Finding an unbroken horizon whilst looking for an interesting image was difficult to find. The harbour wall entering the right hand side of the frame reinforces the horizontal shore line hinted at in the background.

Metal shutters. The metal shutters take up the largest part of the image and run through the centre, making them the obvious subject of the image.

Tiled steps. I was pleased to find this example of horizontal lines. This is an example of how TAOP is tuning me into my environment, looking for different viewpoints. The lighter horizontal edging breaks up the tiled steps.


Factory chimneys at Saltholme, Teesside. The chimneys spread across the frame.

The metal fence fills the frame. I used a monochrome effect to emphasize the shape and tone down the graffiti in the background.

Old Barcelona buildings. As I turned the corner into this street the vertical lines created by the buildings, so close together  struck me straight away.

Table menu. The background is out of focus so that the menu is the clear subject. The upside down glasses on the left-hand side appear to echo the vertical line lines of the menu.

This was a difficult project to complete, looking for images where the lines are the most prominent features. Also after studying my photographs I can see that colour can also determine how apparent the lines are. The redness of the metal shutters makes it a dominant part of the image, and the neutral unobtrusive colours of the Barcelona street scene enabled the building outlines to be the most dominant feature.

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