Project 16: defining a point

Task: Choose from own library of photos of points. Some cases in which the subject is isolated enough, but also larger.

1. The cormorant and rock act as one point in this image due to their close proximity to each other. The Mediterranean Sea provides a single block of colour for this point to be clear.

2. The white boat can be identified as a point against the blue sea, however it’s mast touches the land in the background which interferes with it’s point-like quality, and makes me question whether a point has to be completely detached from it’s surroundings to be classed as a point.

3. Although the cable car is attached to a cable which runs diagonally across the photograph, the red contrasts strongly against the blue which adds to it’s point-like quality.

4. The couple create one point against the waves in the background, however the image appears static due to the point being central.

5. The plain background adds to the point-like quality of the 3 stars. They are equally spaced but their size is quite large in relation to the rest of the image.

6. The plain colour of the River Wear helps the yellow boat to stand out and the comparative size of the surrounding trees reinforces the small subject as a point.

7. The strong green of the boat against the contrasting yellow sand helps it to stand out clearly as a point. It’s closeness to the edge of the frame draws the viewers eyes towards it.

8. The 3 children act as points against the clear blue sky.

9. The Saltburn funicular. The two carriages are points due to their size and contrasting colour. However the building at the bottom of the frame is too large to be considered as a point.

10. The clear blue sky provides a brilliant backdrop for this sea gull to be a point.


I had never really thought about how a subject relates to the frame it is positioned in. This project has helped me to think about other aspects of the photograph, not just the subject.

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