Project 18: relationship between points

Task: Find 2 normally occurring situations in which there are 2 points, well separated. Look at the relationship between the pair of points.

The brightness of the two flames against the grey sky makes them obvious points. They are quite close together but the varying height of the towers creates tension with the viewer’s eyes going between the two points.

The varying height of the two birds and the slight difference in wing span adds interest to this image with the viewer’s eyes going between the two points comparing the contrasts of what are identical subjects.

Considering how points relate to each other within a frame is helping me to come to terms with how some images look just ok while others look great.

The above picture of eyes creates unresolved tension. There is nothing to distinguish one eye from the other. The highlight in each pupil creates a point within a point which makes it difficult for the viewer to focus on one eye. There is no movement across the image. I will need to be aware of this when composing photographs. Not centralising pairs of points and keeping subjects ‘off-centre’.

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