Project 29: applying the elements of design

Task: Choose a subject and produce a set of photographs that demonstrate what you have learnt about lines, shapes and points.

When I was planning this project at first I was going to take to the streets and look for features suggested in the course file. However when thinking about the types of photos I had already taken I realised that I’ve spent a lot of time outside. I wondered if I could focus on one subject inside. Since iMacs are known for their sleek design I challenged myself to see if I could photograph the different design elements learnt on TAOP using my iMac.

Below are my resulting images.

1) Implied inverted triangle: The pins of the plug create a triangle and by photographing it upside down it is inverted. I used a black towel for the background to create strong contrast and remove any distractions from the subject. I think I could have included some of the cable, possibly out of focus in the background.

2) Diagonal: The iMac keyboard is very thin. I wanted to bring out this feature, whilst retaining the keys in the background to show what it is. I tilted the camera so that the side of the keyboard runs diagonally along the frame, creating a right-angled triangle.

3) Several points: The sockets at the back of the iMac were positioned in a straight line. Whilst this fits the brief of the project, I think other subjects might have presented more creative opportunities to look for points in more interesting shapes.

4) Pattern: The grill underneath the iMac had this great spotty pattern. I had to lie the mac down to get the right angle to photograph this. When I was editing the image I noticed how dusty some of the holes are! I need to be more aware of this in the future and make sure what I’m photographing is clean, where necessary.

5) Triangle: The angled support revealed a distinctive triangular shape. Again the black background was used to emphasize the shape.

6) Rectangle: I found the rectangular shape in the bottom right-hand corner by accident. I liked the rounded corner of the monitor and so concentrated on that part. It wasn’t until I was editing the image that I realised I had created a rectangular space in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame. However whilst it is a distinctive shape I think it needs to be larger to make it the obvious subject of the photograph.

7) Single point: The power button was an obvious choice to create a single point. It dominates the image because of the empty space in the rest of the frame.

8) Implied inverted triangle: After I had taken photograph 1 of the plug I saw the obvious choice of the power socket in the back for anther implied triangle. I had to crop this image as it had been difficult to get the camera to focus on just the socket. I cropped it tightly so that the triangle created by the points was obvious to the viewer.

9) Curve: This is my favourite image of the entire set in this project. I love how the tones and contrast really enhance the curvature of the mouse. I also spent a lot of time positioning it to include a hint of the Apple logo on the top.

10) Rhythm: The equal size of the keys and the spacing between them made this a good example of rhythm. I orientated it diagonally to add interest.

11) Horizontal and vertical: This was the hardest image for me to get, because there aren’t many straight lines on a mac. I think the vertical and horizontal lines are too connected to make them the obvious subject. Maybe I could have arranged the wires horizontally and vertically to achieve a better composition.

12) Two points: Finding points that I had not already photographed was a difficult challenge. By photographing the back from a low angle I manged to capture these two points which stand out because of their bright highlight.

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