Project 32: primary colours

Task: Find a red, yellow and blue surface that are as pure as possible. Vary the exposure slightly.


Red: 1 stop lighter

Red: automatic

Red: 1 stop darker

Yellow: 1 stop lighter

Yellow: automatic

Yellow: 1 stop darker

Blue: 1 stop lighter

Blue: automatic

Blue: 1 stop darker

Compare images with the colour circle

Images that compare most closely to red, yellow and blue on the colour wheel

For this part of the project I chose to use the colour wheel on the OCA Elements website. When comparing my photos with the colour wheel I was surprised that the ‘automatic’ exposures weren’t the closest to each primary colour, with the exception of red, although this was in the darker region of the image. The 1 stop lighter image for yellow matched the closest on the colour wheel, I would assume that this is because of the brilliance of yellow. The colour I found the most difficult to match was blue. I’m not sure if this was because the blue on the colour wheel looked slightly green. However the image that was 1 stop lighter was the closest to blue. I suppose this project depended on the colour of the subjects. The stapler was probably more towards a darker blue and so I should have chosen something lighter.

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