Project 37: filters with black & white

[4 photos]

At first I didn’t think I would be able to do this project because it involves using filters with black and white film. However whilst using my image processing software, Aperture, I noticed a great feature which enables me to edit images by applying a black and white effect with a coloured filter. I remember taking the photograph (below) of 2 sailing boats that illustrates all 3 primary colours. I thought it would be a good idea to apply some of the requirements of the film project to this image, so that I could see the effect of using different coloured filters.

The photographs below show the different effects with the different coloured filters.

Blue filter

The blue filter has lightened the tone where there was blue, for example the sails and water. The red of the life-jackets and the yellow boats are much darker. The white parts of the sails in the original photo have been greyed slightly.

Red filter

A red filter has drastically darkened the blue of the water and sails. Conversely it has had a lightening effect on both the yellow and red.

Yellow filter

The yellow filter has created a much more balanced tone to the image. The yellow parts of the picture, such as the boats, are the lightest tones, whilst the red and blue areas are very similar. Unlike the two previous images there are no drastically dark areas other than black from the original image.

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