Project 34: black and white and grey as colours

[12 photos]

1. first frame as meter reading

2. + 1/2 stop wide aperture

3. + 1 stop

4. + 1 1/2 stops

5. 2 stops

For this project I chose to go back to the black and white photos I had taken for Assignment 1: Contrasts. My tutor’s suggestion for my black and white photos had been to adjust the exposure so that the lenses would appear darker and the mouse would be much whiter. Therefore I re-shot the the subjects for this project, with the aim of producing two replacements for my first assignment.

The metered exposure appeared grey, particularly in the highlights. As the exposure was decreased by increments of half a stop it was clear to see the image darken to black.

The same can be seen for white. The meter reading shows a mid grey tone with only the highlighted area being closer to white. At an increased exposure of 2.5 stops the image is much more white.

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